What a great miracle to be!


My life is not only made of amusing moments on tv.

for these reason I want to speak to you about two activities that I follow with passion and who making something beautiful and decisive for the life of people.

If you want to follow these activities and give them a hard concretely , then we will have one more thing in common.

NutriAid onlus

NutriAid onlus Creates initiatives to combat malnutrition in Africa.

I have began to follow the activities of Nutri Aid from 2005, the president is my paediatrician who followed me when I was a little child : Costanzo Bellando , which still has the consulting study in Borgaro , my village. I help this onus from time , I went in Madagascar to follow the activities of doctors and operators , and to stay together the children in the structures of the preventorium and I chose to adopt a little baby from distance.

The period of adoption ends when the children begin to go to school , so now I have a little boy. Living in first person the contact with these situations is an experience that changes your life . You give a different meaning to things , you can define the priorities and to understand what are trivials many of our every day concerns.

I can say with certainty that is more that I have brought with me of what I have given me to these children.

Piedmont Foundation for Cancer Research

Another activity to which I dedicate with enthusiasm is to do the godmother of Piedmontese foundation for cancer research.

The centre of Candiolo is a beacom to hope for the whole of Italy , a pole oncology which combines the scientifics researches with a nursing specialist clinic.

I believe that each of us must fell involved in the first person in the fight against cancer.

I got lucky and had privilege of knowing and collaborate with Allegra Agnelli , the doctors and the researchers who work in the centre: wonderful people who devote their lives to defeat the greatest enemy.