Each trip is the chance to discover hidden places, those within it.


My life is made of many travels from Turin to Milan , Rome and around Italy.

I fell a little bit the proverbial “ girl with a suitcase” even thought I have not yet learned to make it as you must : every time I bring behind the house , and to close it I have to dive over and crush it.

Then with the time you realise that the most important luggage of every travel are the people you meet those that leave something , a memory , a smile, a significant moment.

I love hot places , the sea , and as soon as possible I leave for a holiday where I knock off from everything type of work.

I know to be very fortunate to be able to go in these beautiful places , where I relax myself , to start again the great bringing with me the strength of the sun , the visions and the smells of magic places.

My Travel

My Travel