Music can bring fire to the heart and tears in the eyes

My Music

I Cannot imagine a life without music . Even an hour !

During the day I must to have my music that follow me , that is make the soundtrack to my moods or that gives me the incite to do , act, react. This applies when I’m in the car , at home , around with my headphones , everywhere.

For this so when they proposed me to make a program in radio , after the initial perplexity ( how can I do to I could see in the show radio my smile ), I discovered a world where emotions are transmitted in the most of natural way possible , without filters due to the image and to the way in which we want to see.

At the radio we are us, naturals , reals and alives as when we talk with a friend on the phone or better still at the table of a bar.

Here is my favourite playlist of this period