My Juve

Juve, a modern woman with the class of a time.

My Juve

This is the story of a passion handed down father to daughter.

My dad has always “style juventus “ so lawyer : a devote courteous and respectful of opponents.

Then the spot shared with Alessandro Del Piero symbol of Juventus t-shirt White-black , the conduction the JTV and the special relationship with the company on the team.

For me Juventus is not only passion and emotion , but it is style and thought.

In addition to my typhus now know to all , I fell part of a group extraordinary that every day opens the mind toward new challenge and new plans.

he Juventus moment more exciting it was been on 8 September 2011, when I inaugurated as godmother to the Juventus stadium , entering for the first time , walking on the field with the emotion of all the fans and begin a new page of history was incredible.

When I am in Turin and there is a game of JUVE you know to find me . Until the end

Cristina Chiabotto