Let your life dance lightly on the edges of time, such as hardness on the tip of a leaf.


Every time the dance has the power to bring me back to my childhood , when I danced in my small bedroom for game or when I went to school of dance.

The dance is part of me my daily life: it is a passion , a pleasure , a vent….

I have all this to an English lady , she not only teach technical knowledge but also elegance and humour typical of her country.

She could bring out us our the personality that normally was locked in the bottom of our soul.

When I danced I go wild , I didn’t almost recognise myself. The dance was my secret garden , a fairy space and all of my own where I could to be what I was without shame or judgement . At most the dance, helped me to control that body , long and thin that I found myself :to sixteen years I was grown by twenty centimetres and now I was longer not only my classmates , male including but also their parents. The length of the arms , legs and feet was almost embarrassing , due to the sudden growth my coordination ability was put under a traumatic test.

With the dance I learned to dominate the movement of the body even in everyday gestures. Even if I had to start all over again when I was called to “ ballando Con le stelle ” “dancing with the Stars” because the dancing hall in pair require a completely different setting .

Dance has grown my confidence, my smile, my freedom.In fact she continues to do this.