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Two intense eyes and a bright smile : Clara is a girl like the others grow up in Borgaro near Turin.

After her first disappointment in love , she seems to have reached the bottom , she doesn’t imagine that she forget it in a moment when a little for the game , she took part in a beauty contest.

So on an Alfa Romeo broken , the whole family accompanies she between a selection and the other , making cheer for this young girl who on its hell 12 she proceeds secure until she reaches the destination.

Clara is just in time to realise that her dream is realised , before to face distance from home , jealousy of her sister and their weaknesses . Fortunately there is the dance , her great passion and it is a course of dance that she reserve her the biggest surprise . One boy very tall , who take glasses attracts his attention : he dances with everyone except with her and he doesn’t speak with her.

For Clara being able to snatch a tango becomes a question of principle and unabashed until she is found in the embrace clumsy up the Massimo.

With the tango she fools in love but it know feelings and success can not go along and now she has to make a decision : whatever was the decision , however of one things is sure : it does not matter who are you or where you came from.

Only if you know the direction of you desire and not unfollow your star guide , the fable comes trues.