Nice to meet you, I’m Cristina

The smile is born of joy. And it raises other joy.

Nice to meet you , I’m Cristina

This is what I say every time I introduced myself to another person.
Unfailing I fell to answer laughing :”sure , I know who are you as well”

I’m Cristina and I’m happy to welcome you on my web site

To tell my story I need to start from my origins: : my family.

The family I consider pure essence , from them everything it’s started although them I will came back to breathe what I am.

My Piedmontese father, reflexive and framed and my mother Beneventiana , energetic and passionate .

Heaven if all of this has been the result of a soul at intervals mixed between radiance ,cheerfulness , rationality and diplomacy .

I was born and grew up , in “Borgaro”, a small town near of Turin . When I say “grow up” I’m very serious.

At school I was very tall for my age , long and thin , I grow up with the sister of “Maria ausiliatrice “in Turin . I remember those years when I was I child with my first friendships born among the school desks and with my shyness that always accompanied me and behind a smile.

School and dance , my days were dived between Turin and Caselle, where there was the Susan Parker dance School , the dance school that has transmit me one of my strongest passion since the first day:the dance.

Cristina chiabotto bimba

But can a shy little girl can become one day Miss of Italy?

Yes , it’s happens . Don’t become Miss of Italy when you just born . I dream about my future job and my future life as the others children does from the hairdressers , veterinary in order to heal and save all the animals of the world , then growing up I wanted to become a criminology ; I keen on today I m very interested to the most bloody cases in the black chronicle : absolutely I didn’t want to be a princess of the fairly tales!

But why don’t you do the model ?
Everyone asked me :the acquaintances , people on the street.
“You’re tall, you’re thin, you live an hour from Milan , the city of fashion”.
“No thanks , I don’t care, it’s something that does not belong to me ».

Then one day the beginning of everything , I want to take part in the Miss Italy.

It was a revelation :never went to the disco , never put the heels but it seemed funny.

A light was driving me and so my life is changed in a moment.

The famous click that change everything or at least almost everything . In reality my life changed in four days. Everything was like a fable : on the 15 of September 2004, the day of the first evening of the Miss Italy in live to Rai , I was 18 years old.

I will never forget my eighteenth birthday , and four days after I get the most unexpected gift , most beautiful , most incredible :I come crowned Miss Italy.

I felt the princess that every little girls and girls dreams to be.

I understood that the fable is already written in yourself , there are many factors that transform it into a reality : your determination , your family that supports you , the commitment , the character and that bit of luck to find you in the right place at the right time.

Now are no longer the small fairy or the princes in the tower that expects her destiny . I grew up , I’m a woman but with her plans , with hers guts and hers responsibility.

However many things have remained the same : the smile that accompanies me since I was I little child , the tears in front of a romantic film , the pleasure to find my family each time that the job allows me to came back home , the desire to dream , to share my moments with the people I love.

So this is me!